Need help reading chart sweater yoke dec

Please explain this next step to me. Something is confusing me on when to decrease…

Ok so I just attached both sleeves, I’m working on the yoke decreasing and I’m using circular needles…

  1. The yoke will first be worked even for 4 rounds. You will then begin dec for yoke as described in Step 24. To maintain established pattern throughout yoke:
    1-First, complete Color A 2 1/2" st st block of color.
    2-Next complete Checkerboard sitch pattern as described in Step 5.
    3-Finally, work Color B in st st.

    Yoke decs will begin before beginning Checkerboard stitch patter. Do not dec when working 4-rnd Checkerboard stitch pattern or at the 5th rnd, which is the first rnd where Color B is used.

OK so I start the dec on the 4 rnd? Right now I am on the second rnd of the four rnd needed.

Does the four rows even correspond with the 2 1/2 inches of color A? It appears that you’d do your decreases in the row before the checkerboard pattern.

after reading the pattern over and over…I finally had a friend read it to me and I got IT! Funny how someone reading it makes it make sense.

Thanks for replying!!