Need help reading a shawl pattern

Tiangle (Make 2)
With size 8 needles, cast on 204 sts. Decreasing 1 st each side every RS row, work in St st for 6 rows."

Sounds very simple, right? but I don’t understand it. Here are my questions:

  1. “decresing 1 st each … RS row” - does it mean I decrease right at the first row when I knit into the CO row?
  2. “…St st for 6 rows” - does this include the CO row? or I knit 6 rows and the result will be total of 7 rows?

Thanks in advance !

I would read it like this:

CO 204

Row 1: Knit row, decrease 1 st each edge
2: Purl
3: Knit row, dec 1 st each edge
4: Purl
5: Knit row, dec 1 st each edge
6: Purl