Need Help Reading a Pattern

My pattern is as follows:

For 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th sizes only
Work [5:5:5:7] rows inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll alt row.

For all 5 sizes
[B]Place a marker at each end of last row.[/B]
Cont without shaping until work measures 3[5:6:8:10]cm, ending with a ws row.

I have written the part I have a questions about in bold. I know how to place a marker after a stitch but I am not sure what this is asking me to do. Can someone please help!

This is having you put a marker [B]in[/B] the edge sts on the row, so you can measure up from there. You wouldn’t use a ring marker that goes on a needle, you need to remove it later, so another piece of yarn or a safety pin or paper clip will work.

Thank you so much! So I will measure my work for the next step (Cont without shaping until work measures 3[5:6:8:10]cm) from the markers not the beginning of the work? Thanks again!

Maybe. But generally when a pattern reads ‘until work measures…’ it would mean from the beginning. What are the next directions?

The next directions are to divide for back and front and then to join the sleeves. I have looked through the pattern and I don’t see anywhere that they refer back to these stitch markers.

Thanks again for your help!

They’re probably to mark the points where you attach the sleeves. Look in the Finishing directions. So I’d say you’re to knit until the whole thing is the measurement they give. Which isn’t very long - about 2-4"