Need help reading a pattern!

hi everyone…so i originally kind of gave up this pattern because it’s so hard…but i really really like the sweater and really want to make it…can anyone help?

some of it i’ve researched and now understand…but the decreasing and mixing of threads is what is puzzling me…on this site there are so many different methods to increase or decrease…how do i know which one to use?

forever grateful…baby_kittles :knitting:

ps. sorry…i have so many questions…so bad :aww:

The pattern is knit on size 11/8mm needles first using 1 strand of the bulky yarn, then change to 4 strands of the Alpaca yarn in different colors to get a tweedy effect. All the ribbing is done in a single strand of the bulky. For the incs it doesn’t matter which you use except no YOs.

I copied and pasted this from your pattern to help you figure out the mixing thing:

Mixing: Knit with 4 threads of Alpaca. Mix as follows: 2 threads 517 middle grey, 1 thread 105 light grey and 1 thread 506 charcoal grey.

It took me a few minutes to find it, so I thought you might have missed it too. You’re going to hold all 4 of those strands together as if they were one ball of yarn.