Need help reading a pattern

Hi! I am relatively new to knitting and have never increased or decreased amount of stitches before. I am trying to make this scarf for my friend’s birthday, but am having trouble understanding this pattern (images included). Specifically, I don’t understand the “pointy beginning” part and what it means by left and right hand needle and the part about 89 stitches in a “V”.

I think the main issue I’m having is seeing how all three parts of the pattern line fit together. Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi and welcome to the forum. I like your choice of pattern! Here’s a video to show you how to get started. She’s working with 8 rows (the V’s mentioned in the pattern) so you’ll need to do a lot more but the idea is the same. I-cord Tab Cast On

Here’s the link to the free pattern on Ravely. The Fluffy Squishy Thing I’ve been thinking about something I’d like to do and this just might be my next project.

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