Need help reading a pattern to finish a toe

I’m a fairly new knitter, but enjoy challenges… So now I’m making
these. This is my first time knitting with two colors, and my first time reading a pattern. I’ve made socks before but had someone telling me “now do this, then do that”.

So I’ve come to the toe, things are looking good, and suddenly I’m confused.

Here’s the part of the pattern I’m on:
All I have left on that is the wide X at the top and the funny empty square at the very top. The pattern shows the front side only.

The pattern key says this:

And the instructions for the last bit say (and unfortunately I only have that part of the instructions in Swedish, long story but I will translate as best I can): “When the diagram is knitted, you knit two together one time around. Take off the yarn and pull it through the stitch.”

Here is the status right now:

As you can see I have 4, 5, 4, 5 stitches left on my needle. Am I supposed to knit them two and two together (then I would have 9 total)? And then just pull the yarn through all 9? But then I wouldn’t have done that X in the pattern. But I can’t do the X, right now, because that seems like it should come at the top middle of the pattern, I’m at the top left and thus about 12 stitches away from that point? Maybe I’m not explaining so well, I’m just pretty confused. Can anyone help?

OK, you have 9sts now for the front and 9 for the back. The large X is sk2p (slip one, k2tog, pass slipped stitch over), a double dec. After you do that you have 3sts front and 3sts back and the diagram is finished. That’s where you can k2tog around leaving you with 3sts. Cut the yarn leaving about a 6inch tail to weave in and pull the yarn tail through the remaining 3sts.
That’s a little bit of an interpretation but it’ll work.
It’s impressive that you are tackling both the color work and the pattern. It looks very nicely done too!

When you say I should do the large X now and end up with 3 stitches front and 3 back… As far as I understand, the large X combines 3 stitches into 1. Do you mean I should do the large X 3 times front and 3 times back?

Yes, although, as I said, there’s a bit of interpretation here.

The alternative is to work 3sts of the graph, sk2p on the center 3 and then work the last 3 on the front and repeat the same for the back. That’ll leave you with 7sts front and 7 back. Maybe that makes more sense with the diagram?

I ended up doing the first suggestion, and am happy with it - except I probably should have done the colors differently to match the pattern better. Not a big deal. They’ll probably just end up being for me anyway, was going to make them for someone else but they ended up smaller than I planned.

Very nice! It’s a great looking pattern and you’ve done it very well.