Need Help Reading a Chart

So, this is my first time making a hat, first time knitting in the round, and first time following a chart rather than a written pattern. I’ve been doing just fine with the base of the hat, but now I’m at the part where I need to start decreasing, and the chart is a little confusing to me.

Here’s a link to the pattern with pictures of the finished product and whatnot:

My problem is with chart B. I’m confused about which parts to repeat. There are 96 stitches on my needles, and 11 stitches shown on the first row of the chart, so obviously some repetition needs to happen. I read that, in charts, bold lines surrounding a section mean to repeat it, but all sections of this chart are bold. Do I do the first half of the row, then repeat the second half until the last few stitches, then do the first half again? Does it need to be decreased on both ends like that? Or do I just do the first half once and repeat the second half all the way to the end? Any help y’all can offer would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t want to just try something and hope it works out, because I’m making this for a secret Santa party for work this Sunday, and I don’t really have time to undo it and start over.

What a wonderful Secret Santa gift!
In the case of chart B, the entire chart is repeated starting on the right and continuing all the way to the left edge. Then start row 2 also on the right since you’re knitting in the round.
The chart actually calls for starting the round with 12 sts which you have (12sts x 8 repeats for a total of 96sts). You count the sts not the boxes. The repeat begins with a k2tog which will decrease the sts in the repeat by one for each repeat. The next round has no net decrease but round 3 is also a decrease round.

Okay, that makes sense. So I repeat the entire row to the end of the round, decreasing with each repeat on every other round?

The decrease at the beginning of the repeat every other round goes on through round 11 and then there’s a change but just follow the chart. Of course there are other decreases, k2tog or ssk in the repeat but they are balanced by yo’s so no real dec.

Okay, I think I understand now. Thank you. :slight_smile: