Need help re-working the directions for sleeve cap

I’m making the "Nantucket Red"sweater, but the sleeves started out WAY too tight, so I did increases, but now, following the directions on the pattern, the sleeve cap will be WAY too long. It’s been a long time since I did a set-in sleeve and so am not sure how to go about re-working the instructions. Others on Ravelry mentioned the weird sleeves/caps, so i know it’s not just me!
My gauge is 24 sts/4"; 32 rows/4".
I followed the instructions for the underarm “BO 5 sts @ beg of next 2 rows (I have 57 sts at this point but pattern says I should have 49). Dec. 1 stitch each side of every other RS row as follows: RS-K; WS-P; RS-k1, ssk, k to last 3 sts. k2tog, k1. WS-P all stitches. Repeat these 4 rows until you have 19 stitches left.” (The pattern continues…Next RS row, BO 3 sts, k to end, next WS row, BO 3 sts, purl to end. BO remaining 11 sts and break yarn.)
So I did this for 4 1/2" and still have 41 stitches! If I keep going, the sleeve cap will be about 10"! So it’s obvious I need to figure out how to do this differently.
Can someone give me directions to finish the sleeve cap from here? Thanks SO much!

Do you need the top of the sleeve cap wider? You may need to end with more than 11 sts anyway or it may be too tight across the cap. Is there another size that has the same number of sleeve sts you do, or close to it? Then follow those directions intstead or decrease as many rows as it would take you to get from 49 sts to 19 (about 30) and then finish up binding off a few more than 3 sts, maybe 6 on the next 2 row, then BO the remaining sts.

No, I don’t have another size to go by. And yes, I guess the top of the sleeve cap needs to be wider than the pattern states, but only by about 5 stitches?

Hmmm, then when you’re about 2/3 through the dec every other row instructions, switch to dec every row. That would be about 20 rows EOR and for 8 rows every row, leaving you with 21 sts, then finish up as written BO 3 on 2 rows then the remaining sts which should be 15 sts.

Btw the math is wrong on the original pattern… BO 3 sts twice is 6, subtracted from 19 is 13, not 11.