Need help re what to knit with yarn

I need some advice regarding some pretty yarn I have. I would like to know what to knit with it. I have 10 balls of it, there are about 100 yards in each ball, so there would be plenty to knit a sweater or whatever. I just dont know if it would look good.
It’s a worsted weight yarn. It is 25% wool, 40% Polyaid, 35% acrylic.
I’m fairly new at knitting, but I do know enough to make something advanced (maybe!). I just have a hard time picturing what something will actually look like with a particular yarn.
Would a short sleeved sweater look okay? Or a shell type top?
THANK YOU for any ideas. I LOVE this place! :muah:

I love the color! Is it fuzzy? I think a short sleeve sweater would be nice…

I agree a short sleeved sweater/tee would be cute. Pretty color.