Need help quick! Don't understand pattern! PLEEEEEEZE!

Hello all!
I am new to this forum and new to knitting. I have long wanted to learn and am finally in a class and am totally addicted.

I have run into a snag in reading our latest pattern and I can’t reach my instructor. Can anyone please help? Here it is:
Chevron Pattern (for a washcloth)

Cast on 49 stitches (no problem there)
Knit 5 rows in Seed stitch (ditto)
Work 3 pattern repeats (???)
Work rows 1-8 once more

Here is my question: to work “3 pattern repeats” does that mean 3 more rows in seed stitch? If so, why not simply write the pattern as Knit 8 rows in seed stitch? If not, what do they mean?

Thanks so much! One of the neatest things about learning to knit is learning an entirely new language but I am still a novice :aww:

Does it say what the pattern is on your written pattern? Usually it does and this is the pattern repeat they mean. Most likely this is the part that will create the chevron pattern.

If it’s a free pattern on the internet you can link to it to help us out. If it’s from a book or the teacher gave it to you then don’t.

Welcome to Knitting Help!

Thanks for your response!
The instructor provided the pattern (just a printed page of directions); I wish I knew where it came from. The title on it is “Chevron Stitch Dishcloth” and the instructions look very simple - verbatim in my first post. The instructions for the Chevron pattern itself are listed separately, row by row. They are actually easy to understand, as the places to repeat are clearly marked with asterisks. It is this “work 3 pattern repeats” that has me confused.

Thanks so much for any help! I have been internet searching to try and locate a similar pattern/question, and will continue to try contacting the instructor.

Thank you!!!

Without seeing a picture of what your cloth is supposed to look like, I’m just guessing here, but my guess is you’re supposed to work 3 sets of the chevron pattern- either side-by-side or one on top of the other. Whatever gets you a square. :slight_smile: If you’ll type out the chevron instructions, that might help us help you a little more.

Hahh, we don’t have a picture either :teehee:

But here are all the instructions, exactly as on sheet:

Cast on 49 stitches and knit 5 rows in seed stitch
Work 3 pattern repeats and then work rows 1-8 once more

Row 1: *K1, p1, repeat from *
Repeat Row 1 for rows 1-5

Chevron pattern:
Row 1: K1, *P7, k1; repeat from *
Row 2: P1, *k7, p1; repeat from *
Row 3: K2, *P5, k3; repeat from *, end p5, k2
(To save time I am not going to type the rest; there are instructions until Row 8, easily understood, then Rows 9-16 call for repeats of former rows, again very clear).

End pattern with 5 rows of seed stitch (repeat lines 1-5).

I hope this is helpful and THANK YOU!!!

OK, I’ll give it a shot:

Do your 5 rows of seed stitch. That’s your border.

Do your 16 rows of Chevron.

Do them again.

Do them again.

Do rows 1-8 of the chevron directions.

Do your 5 rows of seed stitch (border again).

Does that sound like it will give you what you are supposed to have?

Just for visual reference, I think this is approximately what you’ll end up with.

Let me know if you need more help. :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me! That’s is what I’ll do.

It isn’t really a big deal to get this exactly right - we have class once a week and this will be week four, and alot of what we’re doing is to practice the stitches, learn to correct mistakes, and get comfortable with the whole process. I’m enjoying it greatly, and I have set my own limits - I don’t move on to a new pattern until I’ve gotten the one I’m working on down. This is my first attempt at the chevron. I’m looking forward to making scarves, hats, etc as gifts, customizing them to each friend’s color and style preferences.

Oh who am I kidding; everyone’s getting a pot-holder.

Thank you all so much for the guidance!

LOL! Sounds like you’re doing great! :slight_smile:

We all had to start somewhere and many of us started with scarves, dishcloths and pot holders. :wink: :thumbsup:

It’s amazing to me how addictive knitting is. I’d like to spend all day at it - and see how many potholders I can churn out. So far I’ve done them in three colors. :slight_smile:

Abbily, I think your instructions are right - I’ve been working on it and the pattern is emerging. I have class tomorrow evening and so am glad to have something to show the instructor. :happydance:

Thanks again to all!

Good, I’m glad it’s working out for you! :slight_smile:

Knitting really is addictive- pretty soon you’ll be jumping out of your comfort zone and trying all kinds of fun things! Just wait- socks are even more addictive! :slight_smile:

Abbily - You are brilliant! :slight_smile: Your interpretation of the instructions was spot-on. In our class we’re now going to include some “how to read patterns” training; I’ll be starting online - reading random patterns and trying to interpret them correctly. Also I have a book that lists the common abbreviations and am now knitting this chevron pattern like a house a-fire :woot:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

RomBug, that’s wonderful! I was thinking about you today and wondering how your pattern turned out. :slight_smile: Glad it’s going so well!

There’s a fabulous glossary on this site that has every imaginable knitting abbreviation, and most of them have videos linked as well. This site has saved my sanity many a time. :slight_smile: