Need Help/Question with a Debbie Bliss pattern!

I have a question that I need to figure out. I have been trying to pick up stitches for the neckband on a sweater vest pattern of Debbie Bliss’s! What I don’t understand is when the pattern says “with right side facing pick up stitches” My question is and this may sound dumb but does she mean to have the right sides together and pick up the stitches or does she mean to have the right sides toward you as you knit! Does that make sense?
In the pictures in her books that she has about picking up stitches it is showing that you pick up the stitches on the Knit side! I am making this for someone and it has to be done 100% correctly as the pattern so I need to ask. I have picked up stitches for socks and other sweaters and this is done differently! Would appreciate anyone help!

You should have the right side (outside–visible side) of the work facing you when you pick up stitches. The knit side for stockinette.

That’s what I thought but then the first row is to be worked the wrong side! I am confussed. Solved it!

After you pick up the stitches around, don’t you turn the work? This will be the first row and it should be on the wrong side if you’re flat knitting.

You are correct, I figured it out last night when I finally got my head together. Thanks.