Need help pls!

Hello everyone. I’m new to this board. I’ve been knitting for over 5 years and love it. I need help with a project. I want to make a dress for my 4 year old, but the pattern only goes up to size 3. She is tall for her age, so I definitely need to increase it. Any ideas? I already have the yarn (which I love!) and I’m itchy to get started, but I don’t know how to increase the pattern. I want to add about 2 inches to the length and about 1.5 inches to the width. It’s a simple, a-line, tank-sleeved dress, nothing fancy.
Any ideas?

There is a couple of ways you can do this.

What I typically do is figure out what is the difference of sts between the sizes and then add what I need to get the right size.

So… say they offer size 2, 4, & 6. For the size 2 you cast on 66 sts, 70 for the size 4 and 74 for the size 6… I’d cast on 74 + 4 = 78 for size 8, and so forth. But I’ve only done this up 2 sizes at the most.

Then… I watch the pattern for other sized changes. So if it says (for a sleeve) increase 1 sts each end every 4th row till 50, 56, 62 sts, I’d increase till 62 + 6 = 68 sts for the size 6.

Then I watch the lengths too. So… if the sleeve says to knit even once you’ve hit the # of sts till, 10, 11, or 12 inches, I’d knit till 13 inches for the size 6.

I’ve had to do this several times for my son who is very tall and muscular for his age.

Now my daughter is even taller for her age, so I actually do some of this but then I also just add more inches into the length part. So for yours, I’d make the pattern adjustments like before and then also insert an extra amount for length.

When I do all of this changing, I will take the time to type it into my computer and print it out. It makes my life easier and prevents me from doing stupid mistakes!

Was that clear enough?

Here’s a free program that makes changing size/gauge very easy if you want to install and try it. I’ve used it many times when designing, changing gauge, and works great.

Input the basic gauge info when you select ‘I want to convert my gauge into stitches and rows…’ Input the measurement (for your new size) and hit Refresh. It’ll tell you how many sts or rows. May not be exact but you’ll be in the ballpark. Select the Shaping option if you need to recalc sleeve/neck incs/decs.


Songbirdy and Cam, thank you!
Yes…Songbirdy, you were very clear, Thank You! This was sort of what I imagined I’d have to do, but wasn’t sure how or if it was the right way to go. The dress is pretty simple, non sleeves even, so it shouldn’t be that hard. Just the neck and arm holes might get tricky, but I think I can manage those once I get there and can eyeball it.
Cam, I’m excited about that program! It will come in handy alot I think. I’m going to check it out now.
Thanks again to both of you!

Cam - thanks so much for posting this program - it looks like it will be very handy! :thumbsup: