Need help please

I’ve started my first sweater. I’ve done the back, front, sewing right shoulder seam, and now it tells me to pick up and k 20 sts evenly spaced down left front neck shaping to front st holder. I read how to pick up stiches along the edge but if I start from the left picking up stiches then knit back up how do I get back to the middle where I’m suppose to slip stiches from stich holder onto needle? Do I pick up stich, then knit? If I do that then I’ll get twisted.

Please help , thank you.

Pick up and knit sounds like separate things, but it’s really only one. You ‘pick up’ a stitch by inserting the right needle into a stitch on the edge, and ‘knit it’ by wrapping the yarn around the needle and drawing it through.

So you just use one needle then? I’m suppose to start from the left side of the shoulder and work down to the neck, does that mean I insert the needle through the pick up stich from the left side?

You’ll be turning the piece around so you would pretend ‘left side’ is like your left needle, then you go across it as if you were knitting a row. Have you seen the video for picking up stitches, I think it’s on the Tips page.

Thank you so much Suseeq. I saw the video. I just thought that after picking up a stich they wanted you to knit it too. But picking up a stich also means picking up and knitting a stich. One last question. The left and right side of the neck has a loop from when I was knitting with two balls of yarn and binding off. Do I start picking up stiches with a new ball of yarn? What do I do with those two loops.

I am working on my first sweater and had the same question. Thanks for the help!:knitting:

You would need some yarn long enough to knit the neckband around a few rows, so if you cut the working yarn when you were done with the shoulders, you’d need a new strand.

I’m not quite sure I understand a ‘loop’…? Do you mean a tail, or yarn end? Or a bit of a gap at the bound off sts?

the loop is when I was working the front side and was doing the shoulder shaping. I was binding off the left side and right side but still had a loop on the two needles from the last stich.

for the last stitch, you cut the yarn and pull it through the stitch.

then with the ball of yarn, you pick the stitches up. ( my grandma showed me this morning)

Thank you all so much. You all have been a great help. Especially Suseeq.:muah:

Whenever you bind off, you cut the tail and either put it through the loop or pull the loop out. You never leave it like that, if it gets caught it will unravel everything.