Need help please=)

I just got done with two double knit pot holders as a gift for my Mother in law. What I want to do is make wash cloths and hand towels with the same heart but solid color and not double knit. So does anyone know how I would do this? I think I would just knit where the double knit pattern calls for one color and purl where the double knit pattern calls for the other color. Does that make sense?

Check this dishcloth site for similar patterns - you can knit a towel just by making it a little wider and longer.

ps… oops, put the right link in.
pps… fixed link again. they’ve moved to a different site.

I looked at that link, but did not see anything about knitting or patterns. Am I missing something? Thanks

I’m having the hardest time with that link… They changed the site. This should get it - Dishcloth Patterns