Need help please

I need help asap. I’m working on a Bernat - Handicrafter Cotton Bernat - Satin Textured Pullover and I am working on front. I have gotten through the first part and have the 67 sts I need but the next part for shaping the neck does not add up. I need to sk1, k1, psso. then pat across 20 sts, then k2tog.Turn leaving rem sts on a spare needle 22 sts. I would have 21 extra sts. Could someone please help me make sense of what I’m supposed to do with 21 extra sts. I am trying to knit through having cancer and my mind might not be working right lol Thanks for the help!!

Welcome to KH!
You’re only going to work across part of the row . Leave the remaining sts for later in the pattern. It’ll take 24sts to work the first part of the row (2sts for the sl1, k1, psso, 20 for the pattern and 2sts for the k2tog).
You’ll have 22sts on the right needle before the turn because of the 2 decreases.
That’ll leave 43sts for the center neck (19sts) and the other shoulder (24sts).

Thanks so much!!! I feel like a twit

Sometimes it just helps to have another set of eyes on a pattern. We’d love to see a photo of your sweater when you finish!
All the best to you with your treatments.

When shaping neck on back. They say to continue in pattern (25-32) sts across. How many stitches should I do for a large sweater? How many stitches to leave stitch holder (27-34)? Sorry but it is confusing. Thanks for all the help.

I see directions for the front neck at the beginning of page 2 but for the XL sizes. The directions for the front neck, size L end at the end of page 1. You’ll end with one stitch which you can fasten off by pulling the yarn end through.

(These directions are for the 2/3XL and 4/5XL sizes:
Shape neck: 1st row: (RS). Sl1. K1. psso. Pat across (25-32) sts. K2tog. Turn. Leave rem sts on a
spare needle. (27-34) sts)

Sometimes it helps for highlight the directions for your size especially when there are so many sizes with different directions in the same pattern.

Okay I’m lost, what is the next
thing I need to do? Is it the cast on for the sleeves I guess. Wish they could write better instructions for us dummies! Lol

yes, the next step is the sleeves. These seem much more straightforward. Enjoy finishing up!

Having a problem on sleeves. I increased at each end. I will also increase in five rows then every 6th row. That causes the pattern to be off. If I go to keep it in pattern I end in a purl. The next row to keep it in pattern has to start with a purl. Am I doing this correctly? Thanks so much for your help!!

You can adjust the stitch that you begin with so that the main body of the sleeve pattern stays in columns of knits and purls. You want to maintain that alignment. The pattern at the edges may seem a little strange but it’ll be in the seam or close to it.

I usually keep one edge stitch on each side as a knit stitch on RS rows and purl on WS rows. Then I increase in the next stitch or work a Make 1 as either a knit or purl, whichever will keep the pattern in the following sts.