Need help please

I’m Knitting a sweater for my granddaughter and I’ve finished back, 2 fronts and now I’ve started on sleeves and I’m stumped. After ripping back 4 times, I’ve decided I better get some help or it could be next Xmas by the time I figure it out!

So, I got as far as row 2 after st rib on sleeve and I’m stuck on row 3. Can anyone tell me how they would continue on after row 2?

Thank you!

It may be that the easiest way to work the sleeves in this pattern is visually with sts on the needle. You want to have the central cable panel with a single garter stitch column, a single stockinette column and a reverse stockinette column on either side. The stitches outside this pattern are stockinette and that’s where the increases will be.
Which size are you making?

4th size. I guess it’s knowing which cable row I’m on and whether I just work row 1/2 for sleeves while continuing with * to * for row 3 on back for the cabling?

Yes, row 3 of the sleeves will be the 1st row of cabling from the back. And you may want to write out the combination of the right and left sleeve borders with the cable rows pattern from the back just for your size.

Writing it out is a good method too especially if you prefer having the pattern in front of you and on paper.
One thing though, I would place row 3 of the cable pattern from the back into row 3 of the sleeves.