Need help please! How to patt 2 tog?

Can anyone help me with the “next row” part of the pattern? I’ve never encountered the patt 2 tog, patt11, patt 2 tog. Not sure what I’m supposed to do since the pattern is p1 k1, I think. How do you knit those together? I tried just knitting 2 purl together but then the patt 11 part doesn’t work out as it continues into the “knit” part. Ta

I usually work these dec as a k2tog but you may want to decide whether you prefer a p2tog.
The dec will break the k1,p1 pattern but you have to maintain that pattern in the remainder of the row even if it means another knit stitch next to the knit dec. The next dec row will get you go back into pattern but the following dec row will again break the pattern.
The important thing is to maintain pattern as much as possible across the row despite the breaks caused by the decreases.

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