Need help please finding yarn substitution

I’m starting a class soon for a poncho, and the instructions call for Farmhouse Yarns. I need eight skeins, but they are $18.00 a skein! Ouch! So I’m trying to find a cheaper alternative. The gauge is “10 stitches and 13 rows equal 4 inches”, and it calls for size 13 circular needles, both 16” long and 24” long. My head is reeling, I’m not very good at substituting yarns. The nearest yarn store is over a half hour away, and they would most likely need to order yarn for me anyway, so I’m more than willing to order online instead. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Here’s a yarn weight guide that helps in these situations.

Based on what you’ve told me and the guide it looks like the yarn needed is bulky. So what you need is a bulky yarn (size 6) and you should be fine. Ponchos aren’t very fitted so it’s not quite as critical as it would be for a sweater.

Can you tell us what type of yarn you want? Wool? Acrylic?

That link is a great help, thank you!

I’m not really sure what sort of yarn, as long as it isn’t too scratchy or really expensive. And I think acrylic would probably be cheaper than wool, right?

Generally yes acrylic is cheaper, and all wool might be harder to find in that weight, depending on where you shop. Lion’s woolease Thick and Quick or Chunky might be a good sub, it’s wool/acrylic and washable. Another acrylic is Bernat Softee Chunky.