Need help picking different yarn!

I found the perfect sweater pattern for my Dad. On the Berroco website. “John’s sweater” LOVE the color #7117 Gris Marengo. HOWEVER, my Dad is not the type of person who will hand wash and lay flat to dry anything. Even a beautiful sweater like this. :wall:

Does anyone have ideas on a yarn that would be a good replacement for this one? I could get away with no drying but it has to be machine washable.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

TIA (I hope!)

One washable yarn that I’ve used for sweaters that need to be machine washed is Plymouth Encore. It is a wool/acrylic blend, has a nice feel, comes in LOTs of colors and is reasonably priced.

The sweaters that I’ve made with it have held up wonderfully over time, too.

There are washable wools out there, but I do like blends like Plymouth Encore and Berroco Vintage. They are close to the gauge you need I think.

Encore comes in solids and tweeds.