Need help picking a yarn

I really want to knit this sweater but the yarn shown with the project would be so expensive. Is there any yarn out there that could be used to create this sweater that would be soft (not itchy) and wouldn’t run me over $40? I don’t know if that would be possible, but I thought I’d ask the experts. :slight_smile: Thank you.

cheaper than knitpicks? maybe elann will have something… :shrug:

That sweater uses the equivelant of 1100+ of bulky weight yarn – even a cheap acrylic.wool blend like wool-ease thick & quick (which knits on the recommended needle size for the pattern) would run you about $50 for that kind of yardage. IMHO the recommended yarns are soooo much more worth the money. They are wonderfully soft! :smiley:

I knit that sweater! I did it in the colours shown, too. I only finished it on Labour Day weekend, and I haven’t worn it yet. It would be hard to subsitute different yarns for it, because it is double stranded. I’m not sure you can beat the KnitPick prices.

If you do decide to go for it, let me know if have any questions about it. It was my first sweater and I did run into a few problems, but those had to do with me learning about sweaters, and not problems with the pattern.

That’s a great sweater, I really like it. And awfully cheap at 38.00+ don’t you think? If you can’t afford that right now, have you ever considered unwinding a sweater and using that yarn? I’ve heard people buy sweaters at second hand shops and unravel them. I’ve never done that but it’s a thought.

$2.50 a ball of yarn is so inexpensive. Also, you could check on ebay for low priced yarns, they have a lot.

I haven’t recycled yarn yet either but it’s something I plan to do as my stash lowers. If that’s the way you want to go LF, here’s a great tutorial: The Recycled Yarn Tutorial

Thanks for the help everyone! Maybe I’m confused. I’m thinking that the sweater is going to cost me $80+ because of the double yarn. Is that correct? The merino style costs about $35 and the Suri Dream costs about $50 so it would be a total of $85. Is that not right? I do think that knit picks has great prices, it’s just that $85 seems so expensive for a sweater. I’m fairly new to knitting and I know that yarn is expensive and projects can be expensive, but I just cann’t afford to spend $85 on one sweater. I was trying to find a way to make it for less, but I guess there’s not. :shrug: Oh well…I’ll have to skip this project for now.

It depends on what size you’re making…the yarn cost for the size small is about $48…8 balls of Merino Style ($20) and 7 balls of Suri Dream ($28 ). :smiley:

Well, based the project requirements, yarn would range from $41.37-$60.81, based on size. Then tax and shipping. If my math is right, anyway.

And recycling a sweater is a good idea, too! I can’t wait to hit some secondhand shops, now that I read that tutorial!

Oh geez, I didn’t even try to add up how much I would be using. :oops: I just figured the “yarn cost as little as $xx.xx” was for a small. :oops: :oops: Those prices you mentioned are a lot more affordable. :happydance:

Now I have to figure out what size I am…

Definitely check the math, because even though I work on math textbooks, I can’t do math! (Actually, no one I work with can. They laughed at me on the interview when I asked, “Is it okay that I can’t do math?” We hire math professors to accuracy check the math.) The yarns were $3.99 and $2.49 per ball, which seems really affordable. :slight_smile: But let me know if it’s doable!

I came up with $47.85 for a medium so you’re math looks right. :mrgreen: Plus free shipping for orders over $40 :happydance: I might have to wait until my birthday (January) before we can afford it. It always seems that come September we start hitting all kinds of extra expenses…b-days, plates, Christmas…etc.