NEED HELP! Patons 2625- Greta lady’s jumper

Hi there!

I am currently knitting with a vintage pattern from Patons and I am stuck at the yoke section. This is my second time knitting a jumper, so I am a still learning!
Here are the instructions

I know how to pick up the stiches, but after that I find the instructions very confusing and I don’t know at all what to do! Please help!this is how the front looks like so far.

Thanks everyone!

Such beautiful knitting!
Once you’ve picked up the sts, you’ve done the most difficult part of the work. Now you’re going to work in rows in k1p1 rib for 8 rows. There’ll be 81 sts total. Decrease at each end of the row till you get to 75sts (dec on rows 9, 19, 29).
The pattern is going to change at the row ends. You may end the row with 2 knits or 2 purls but that’s ok. Just knit or purl those sts and then make sure you continue the rib on the rest of the sts, maintaining the columns of knits and purls…

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Wowwww! This has helped me a
Lot!! I am truing this right now! Thank you for your clear explanation!