Need Help - Out of the Box Sweater

Hello, I’m stuck & I’m new to knitting. I’m doing the Out of the Box Sweater and just finished the Back now onto the sleeves: the pattern says at the beginning of the next two rows cable cast-on51 sts. What does that mean? that I ADD to the back part of the cast on that has still 58 sts am I decreasing so I get 51sts? I’m lost any help out there? Thanks,

Yep, the sleeves are going to be added to the back sts. Look at the castons page for the cable CO; pretend you have already cast on some sts and you put the right needle in between the first 2 on the left needle, wrap the yarn and put it on the left needle. Then repeat, adding on 51 sts. Then work across the new stitches and the back sts to the end of the row. Turn and repeat, casting on 51 sts for the other sleeve. Work these new sts, the back sts and the other sleeve stitches. It’ll look weird for a couple inches, but then you’ll have a big T.

Hi Sue,

Thank you for your respond. I saw the clip on the cable cast on & I feel okay with that. I forgot to mention that in this project it is done on circular needles, so I’m assuming that you would still cast on the same as you mentioned?

Thanks for your help,

You probably use the circs because you’re going to have 160 some stitches; you’ll still knit flat, not in the round. So yeah, CO the same.

Sue, Actually it is my first time using the circs and I’m not very used to them yet. Actually the total number of all stitches is more like 248 st with the neckline, left front, and right front. Now I’m totally confused. Good thing the knitting store opens on Weds!

Thanks for your help.

I found a picture and some projects. It seems the pieces are knit in different directions, but that doesn’t make it really difficult. So just follow the pattern, cast on the sts and do the next instructions. It looks like the back of the sleeves are knit up to the shoulder, the left front and front of that sleeve are knit together, then the right front and front of that sleeve are knit sideways. Looks like a fun construction.