Need Help on Quince & Co pattern

Help - I’ve just started knitting again and working on the Perkins Cove sweater by Quince & Co.

After I did a long-tail cast on and joined the round, the instructions say:
Set up rnd place markers: K40 back sts . . .

What the heck is back sts?

I’m from the old school of knit and purl. I’ve looked everyone where and found instructions on knitting through the front and back sts, but not plain old back sts.


Is this the pattern?

Since you are knitting a sweater they mean the back of the sweater. All you’re going to do is knit those 40 stitches. It’ll tell you what to do next. If it says place a marker (PM usually) then place a marker on the needle. It looks like this is a raglan sweater so you’ll be placing markers for the raglan increases most likely.

Have you knit in the round before? If not… you don’t need to purl unless it tells you for stockinette.

Thanks, Jan. That’s the pattern. I’ve knit in the round before so I understand that part, but the back sts threw me off. Also thanks for the quick reply and advice on posting the name and pattern link. I just joined the forum and love it already.

Welcome to KH! Glad you’re here!