Need help on putting together a raglan sweater

Hello, I’m using a Debbie Bliss pattern from the Fall/Winter 2012 magazine. The pattern is called Tim’s Classic Sweater and is a raglan sweater. I’m finished with all 4 pieces and am confused when I get to the instructions for the neckband and joining.

Neckband: Join both front raglans and right back raglan seam. (this is the part I’m unsure of)…[I have one front raglan that has 4 live stitches on either side and 24 live stitches in the middle for the neckband. The back raglan just has 44 stitches all the way across.]

With right side facing and US 7 needles, k across holder, k 3, pick up and k10 sts down left side of front neck, k24 sts on front holder, pickup and k11 sts up right side of front neck, k3, k last st tog with first st on right sleeve, k14, k last st tog with first st on back neck holder, k43 sts on back holder.
K 1 row

1st row (right side) k2, [p2, k2] to end
2nd row p2 [k2, p2] to end.
Rep the last 2 rows twice more.
Cast off in rib

My confusion is after it says join it gives instructions on the neckband that looks like it’s telling me how to join them…or do I join them first and then follow the directions? From my reading they are extremely vague and this pattern is listed as easy…which I’ve done intermediate patterns that were never this difficult to put together…although this is my first raglan sweater. And the schematic really doesn’t help either…it doesn’t show how to place them or knit it up.

I’m supposed to have this done by the end of the week to send down to my brother…and I would really like to get it done quickly. Thanks in advance.

Join the pieces first with seams, then you’re going to pick up stitches to make the neckband.