Need help on On The Bias Scarf

I have finished the first short row stitches and did row 5 and 6 until I am out of stitches. I makes the other side of my work. It says to do this when I run out of stitches and I will end on row 5. It says to start row 1 of short rows again but, I am on the wrong side to start short rows. You only do the short row stuff on the side that has the marker. It doesn’t say knit and then turn to short row side. What do I do next? Knit And Crochet Now On The Bias Scarf

Is this it?

Have you moved the marker to the other side after finishing row 5? This is for the new row 1.

I am still on row 5, I guess because I moved marker to other side. Do I use the gap between the two triangles as the row 5 gap?

I haven’t tried this pattern yet so you’ll have to tell me if this makes sense. You should have just finished a row 5. Don’t work the next row 6. Move the marker and start with row 1 of the short row section.
I’ll give it a try too.

Yes. Look at my last post. Is this correct?

That looks good so far. When you come to one stitch before the row 5 gap, ssk. Row 6 is knit. Keep going on row 5 & 6 until you’ve used up all the sts.
The usefulness of the marker is to remind you that the marker side is a kfb, …ssk row (row 5). I would not put down this project until I had completed a row 5&6 pair. That way the marker side will always be facing you when you begin, the working yarn will be on the right edge of the needle and you’ll know it’s a row 5
.I made a mini-scarf. In photo 1 I’m almost at the end of row 5, in 2 I’ve finished row 5 (and a short row section) and in 3 I’ve turned placed a new marker and I’m ready to start a row 1 :

Ok, so I just use the gap I am pointing to and when I turn, I start row 1 of short rows, again?

The gap that you’re pointing to looks to me like it’s in the middle of the scarf?
Ssk across the gap, turn and knit back to the beginning. Keep doing rows 5&6 until you’ve used all the sts.
Don’t start over at row 1 until you’re repeated rows 5&6 enough to be at the end of the row and all the sts are used up. There won’t be a gap at that point because you’ll be at the end of the row.

I had already used all the stitches. I moved marker to other side but I was still in this side. After I pointed to that gap, I thought I could do row 5. Maybe I forgot to do it. Now I turned and I did not expect to be in the middle. Something is really wrong.

Never mind now. It is so messed up now, I will never figure it out. They should have gone through the whole scarf on the show. They do the whole crochet and barely have time for any knitting.

Here’s a similar pattern. Maybe it is explained better? I’ve made this one many years ago and as I recall it was pretty easy.