Need help on my first raglan

I am goign to knit my dd a sweater to go with her hat,and I want to learn the top down raglan method. I used the calculator at, and came up with the pattern. I am confused on this though:

Starting out with purl 2, work in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for 1 inch. This is the neckband.

Change to size 8 needles. Increase 2 while dividing the stitches as follows:
On the next row at the marker, knit 8 stitches then place a marker on the needle.
This marks the top of one sleeve.

Knit 18 stitches then place another marker on the needle.
This marks the top of the back of the sweater.

Knit 8 stitches then place another marker on the needle.
This marks the top of the other sleeve.

How do I increase 2 while dividing? I am confused.

Do you start with 34 on your needle?

My first thought was that you would have a stitch at the top of each sleeve with a marker on each side if it. This is how most top-down raglans start. So maybe that’s what they mean.

I start off with 50. :?? I am so confused. I am thinking I might have to show up at my friends house and have her help me, or print it off and take it in to knitting group. oy.


I think I’ve got it!


M/8 for sleeve/M/18 for back/M/8 for sleeve/M/18 front = 52

I imagine that you can add the two wherever you think they’ll fit in the pattern. Check your next row and see what they call for between the markers.

Oh, I am an idiot. k8, k18, k8, k18 automatically gives you the extra stitch on the back and front. DOH!

THANK YOU INGRID! I didn’t even think to add th enumbers before I saw your post. :heart: :inlove: :cheering:

I’m no expert, but I happen to be knitting one of these now! It took me one ripping out and finally asking the lady who taught me to knit why it was looking so funny (quite unlike the picture), when she told me I was knitting top to bottom! Nowhere on the pattern did it say this, and there was no way I’d have figured it out at that point! We all got a laugh out of that.

Anyway, on mine, you increase one stitch two stitches prior to the marker, knit one, move the marker, increase one, etc…doing that at every stitch marker.

pat, the unknown upside down knitter.