Need help on many levels of this blankie

Hi all, ok started this blankie with all the “confidence” I have My first set of pat sts looks great, the sec set of pat is totally goofed up…I am working on a circ and I think somehow turned my worked around…cause I K when I should of P (umm I felt it wasn’t right while doing it too[B])…2 questions here: When using a circ with lots of you switch hands just like straights? How do you know RS from Ws…and I need to Tink back to the last row of the first set of sts (knit row) whats the easiest Lifeline to[/B] [B]do?[/B] :aww: FYI I always work small projects “joined” in the round…I hardly ever use my circs like straights…make sense? Thanks all

Yes, you knit the same as you would on straight needles, turn the needles at the end of a row. You can mark the RS in the middle of a row with a safety pin, paper clip, or another piece of yarn. You don’t need a lifeline to ‘tink’ which is just unknitting a row or two stitch by stitch. There’s a video on the Tips page under Fixing Mistakes.

Yes, I have unknit tons of times…just not over 200 sts and I want to go exactly to the last row of the pat of the first rep because the last row is a k row…which will be easier (for me) to get back on the needles…if you look at the pic, the pat is a series of yo and k4tog tbl and k4tog…this bring the “shell” tog…so I want to get to the very end of the pat rep on the very first set of shells…

I don’t use lifelines, I just rip out to the row above the one I want to put on the needle and insert it into each stitch as I pull out that row. You’d be surprised, but as long as you don’t stretch your work, you don’t drop any stitches that way. But there’s a lifeline video under Fixing mistakes page.


Yep. You show it who’s in charge… :cheering: