Need help on knitting sweater sleeves

I’m knitting a sweater for the first time and I’m stuck on reading making sleeves instruction.
Instruction as followed.

Woking in St st, inc 1st each edge now. Then inc 1 st each edge every 10th row 0 times, every 8th row 8 times, and every 6th row 2 times.

What is this mean? I can understand that to increase 1 st each edge but I don’t understand what is every 10th row 0 times, every 8th row 8times and so on. Please help me to understand this.

THank you

You will ignore the increase every 10th row 0 times, since it’s 0 times. (I am assuming this is a pattern with multiple sizes and for other sizes there is a number besides 0).

So after you do the increases where it says to “increase now”, you will then increase every 8th row until you’ve done so 8 times, and then every 6th row until you’ve done so 2 times.

So, for example, pretend the row you are increasing on now is row 1. Your increases would then be on:

Row 1
Row 9 (8th row after row 1)
Row 17 (8th row after row 9)
Row 25 (8th row after row 17)


Once you’ve increased every 8th row 8 times, you would do the same twice, but every 6th row instead of every 8th row.

Hope that makes sense!

I understand that, but my pattern states: Beg on next row, inc 1 st at each edge every 12th row until there are 60 sts. Does that mean I inc on the next row and then every 12th row afterwards? or just when I get to the 12th row?

You increase on the next row and then every 12th row afterwards, until you have 60 stitches on your needle.

So, for the sake of an example, lets pretend you have 50 stitches on your needle now. You would increase on the next row, which would bring you up to 52 stitches, and then every 12th row four more times, which would add another 8 stitches, for a total of 60 stitches.

Hope that helps!

Oh, good! That’s what I did and asked the question after-the-fact. I was second guessing my action. I’m so glad I don’t have to rip out rows. Thank you so much!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I’m glad you didn’t have to frog.

I think I got it. Thank you very much. unfortunately, I have to redo the whole sleeve. I totally messed up but thank you for your help. I now figure it out. It’s confusing at first. haha…
Have a good day…