Need help on finishing a sweater pattern on straight needles

Hey there! I started knitting a sweater a long while back, using a pattern I had found in a book called The Knitting Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for All Knitters. It said it was a beginner’s pattern, probably because it used straight needles as opposed to circular. I was able to follow the pattern’s instructions right up until the finishing. I’ve actually already posted once in the forum before, asking for help in interpreting this pattern, only to find that there was an error in the pattern which provided a wrong stitch count for one of the instructions

The finishing instructions are equally as confusing; I’ve been YouTubing knitting tutorials, Pinterest patterns, and just generally Googling, and I can find no other knitting pattern that finishes off a sweater the same way this pattern asks me to. Not only this, I simply cannot understand what the instructions are asking me to do. I’ve attached photos of the pattern with this topic.

Currently, I have the front, back, and sleeves knitted. I’ve sewn together the left shoulder seam, and then put 44 stitches from the back piece collar on a holder, and 30 stitches from the front piece collar on another holder - as the first instructions for finishing suggest. From here, I understand that I’m meant to make a ribbed collar. I’m afraid to go any further, because it seems to me these instructions simply can’t be complete, and I don’t want to ruin the neckline accidentally.

Would anyone be able to help interpret this pattern, or put it into layman’s terms for me? I have a feeling I may just not be understanding it correctly.

Thank you so much!

Congrats on getting almost to the end of this sweater. You’re going to start the collar at the right shoulder (as you would wear the sweater). Knit cross the 44sts of the back, pickup 14 sts down left side of the front neckline, knit across the 30sts of the front, and then pick up 14sts along the right front neckline.
Here’s a video for picking up sts and working this type of neckband that may help.

The video shows both shoulders connected but that’s ok. You have only one shoulder seamed to that you can use straight needles for the neckline.
It helps to mark off the halfway point when you need to pick up sts. That way you can judge where to pick up 7sts in each half.