Need help on color changing

Hello I just registered today so yay :heart: but I was curious I am doing a scarf for my dad and its suppose to be checker board what would be easier to use far isle or Intarsia ?

welcome to KH! :slight_smile:

YIKES!!! you’re talking a LOT of ends to weave in! I’d go for intarsia, that way you don’t have strands running across the back, and the scarf will still be reversible. Good luck keeping it all untwisted!

I wonder if youcould knit 3 or 5 looooong skinny pieces (with 10 rows of white, 10 rows of black, white, black, etc) and stitch them together at the end… :thinking: that might be more of a PITA, though…

How many sts & rows across are the checkers?


The back of the scarf will look eh either way. One way to do it would be in the round using Fair Isle, or stranded knitting. This way all the strands would be inside the tube of the scarf and all the pattern would be on the outside. You could just stitch up the ends when you’re done. It will be double thickness.

I dont know what a PITA is though ^^;

I havent decided just yet

PITA= Pain in the A**

I still think your best bet is in the round. So much less messy!