Need help on baby Afghan

:cheering: dh is home today so I get to :XX: :XX: :XX: cause the kids are very very glad to have daddy home!!!

Anyways decided I better do this baby afghan since its suppose to be done by ummm… :rollseyes: Sunday… ok thats not gonna happen so next goal by the time I go home to WV end of October… the baby isn’t due till Dec will give it to her grammie and she will take it to her when she arrives okey dokey here is the pattern:

Now I’ve never done the 3\ or /3 so my question is…

on 3\ left slanting triple Dec. I slip one as to knit then knit 3 together and then pass the slipped st over (ok do I put it back on my left needle and treat it as a stitch or no just let it side off the right and onto those 3 I knitted together?)

Pretty much same question:
on the /3 I do SSSK, then slip next stitch over stitch just made by temp. moving the st from needle to needle so does this mean I treat this as my next stitch? or no??

If I let them just fall then I have this loos loop hanging out but if I carry them and treat them as stitches its kinda hard to maneuver so i’m just not sure what to do and since I had to CO 240 sts would like to know before I get to far :rofling:

TIA :thumbsup:

They are sts, stay on the right needle, when you come back and knit or purl over them with the next row, they will tighten up.
EDIT, okay, that works with the left slanting decrease, I would have to read the pattern for the other.

:cheering: :cheering: Thank you so much!! I was way off never thought to leave them on the right needle woohooo!! :happydance:

I’ve seen this blanket asked about before.

For the 3\ slip one, knit 3 together, pass slipped stitch over. (You pass the slipped stitch over the stitch made by the k3tog) The passed stitch just goes over the tip of your right needle and you’re done with that.

For the /3, sssk which is slip, slip, slip, put left needle into front of all three loops and knit them together.

This stitch goes back on to the left needle. You pass the next stitch from the left needle over the stitch you just replaced on the left needle and off the tip of the left needle. Then you slip it back on the right needle without doing anything else.

Clear? I hope?

Thanks Ingrid, I just reread the post and read the pattern and was coming back to correct my mistake!!

ohhhh LOL ok so the 3\ when I slip it just goes right off the needle and no using it as a stich anymore and on the /3 after my SSSK I put that stich onto my left needle take the stitch behind it over that one and just let it drop and not do anything with it anymore… :thinking: I think… LOL

Thank you Ingrid!!

:?? thinking am I ready for this??? LOL

It will become clear with the needles in hand at the decreae point …or…do a quick swatch and practice it…I am SO HAPPY that you caught what Ingrid said before going off on what I said before I read the pattern…I’m :oops: sorry…

LOL thats ok Rebecca!! :heart:

Well off to try this wish me luck :shock:

Rebecca-I printed the pattern and was looking at it while you must have been typing in yours, so I have no clue what’s going on. I remember someone else having the exact same question about this blanket, though.

And, as with all other knitting, once it’s on your needles, it will become obvious! Well, usually, anyway! :rofling:

LOL, very true, that’s what I just told Dust. in a pm! It always makes more sense in the process