Need help on a pattern

Hi, I just got a pattern made by Patons. It starts out with P2. Turn. K2. Turn. K3. Turn. P4. Turn. etc. I was wondering what the turn ment? :shrug: I have been kinitting a long time and have not seen this? :wall: Thanks for any help you can give! :hug: Chantillyme

It sounds like you’re doing some kind of short row shaping, where you only knit part of the row, turn the work as if the row was done, and purl back. In this case it looks like each time you knit, you knit one more stitch in the row, turn the work and purl back. Then you turn it and knit one more, etc.

What is it you’re making?

Looks like diamonds and I do not understand it at all, guess I will have to just figure it out by trying. Its a Canadian pattern so I thought maybe Turn ment bring yard forward to purl or back to knit?
If anyone has the Patons patterns its the Shaded Entrelacs throw. Thanks for the reply!

Oh well, if you’re doing entrelac then yes, it makes sense that you’re being told to turn your work as you’re making lots of little boxes. Take a look here for clarification.

Just follow the instructions and as you work it’ll all become clear.

Wow Thanks so much for you help! Now it makes so much sence, I realized that this pattern starts out in the old way (I think) I am going to try and find detailed instrucktions for this way from the info you sent me, I also printed out all the other instructions you gave me the link for . Again thanks so much!!! Janeen aka: Chantiullyme