Need Help on a pattern for a baby sweater

I am working on this pattern … I have done about 90 % of the sweater this is where iam having a problem …

Frill :
1st row: k1, yfwd, *k5 pass 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th sts just worked separatley over the 1st and off the needle , yfwd, rep from * to last st, k1.

okay i did the k1, and yfwd, * k5 … now what am i supposes to do now ??? im confused … :shrug:

Hi, tguzman:
The only way I think this could work is for you to put the 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd stitches back on the left hand needle and then place them (one at a time) back on the right hand needle and then work it over or slip it over the 1st stitch so you are back to the 1st of the five stitches worked (you might have to place the 1st stitch on the left needle briefly while you are passing the 5th stitch over the 1st stitch for the 5th stitch to fall completely over the 1st stitch, but just slip the 1st stitch back on to the right needle after you have finish passing the 5th stitch over the 1st stitch) on the right hand needle. Continue doing this until you have passed the four stitches you slipped to the left needle over the first stitch. Yarn forward and repeat instructions as stated. Sorry my explanation is a bit wordy. Hope I have not confused you more.

Your instructions seem to be worded weirdly or are incomplete. Long live knitting gymnastics. Fingers crossed that your pattern works out for you. Good luck. :thumbsup:

Hi Katrina, thank you for the explanation … i know i think the wording is kinda backwards … but i typed it the way it is … i had to cast on 247 and i should end up with 101 sts after that . the only thing i have a problem/question … when i begin … it says k1, yfwd … then k5 … umm when i do that doesn’t that make it like 7 sts before i start doing the passing over ???

Yes, but passing the sts over will reduce the sts down to 3.

As I read it,
you only do the k1, yfwd once, to form a selvedge.
After that, [COLOR=Blue]start doing whatever is between the apostrophes.
You will be working over five stitches and eliminating four – a very sudden decrease which creates the frill.[/COLOR]
Keep repeating the directions between the apostrophes until you have one stitch left, which you knit to form the other selvedge.

Okay Ladies , I really appreciate all your help … this is the deal …
cast on 247 sts
Frill :
1st row: k1, yfwd, *k5 pass 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th sts just worked separatley over the 1st and off the needle , yfwd, rep from * to last st, k1. (101 sts)

so i do like Mysterygirl and once i knit my 5 sts i move them back to the left needle then start pasing them over ???
sorry to be such a bone head …

I don’t know that you need to put them back on the left needle… Knit them, then pass the 2nd st on your right needle over the 1st (at the tip), then pass the next one over, and the next one and the last one.

okay now i am confused … i have the knitting in front of me . i just " k1, yfwd, k5… now i have what looks like 7 sts right … now what … ???

You’ll work the sts on your right needle. Lift the 2nd st from the end over the end st, then lift the new 2nd st over the end st until you have only 3 sts on the right needle. Then do the next k5, and pass 4 sts over the end st in the same way, which should leave you with 4 sts on the right needle. Repeat

Thank you Sue … been very helpful

Hi All,

Just wanted to show you the the Finished Sweater : and thank the ladies that helped me with my Ruffle problem … hee hee thank you so much : suzeeq, Mystery_Gyrl & knitasha :muah:

Looks real good!

Very nice!! Beautiful color too!