Need help on a new stitch 😬

Hi all! I need some help on a stitch to a new pattern I never done before. It’s a cabled hat pattern called the Antrim hat, it’s absolutely gorgeous! The stitch that I need help with is in the decrease section to shape the crown. The stitch is called the special twist 5 and the description is this: k5tog but do not slip off needle. K first 2 sts on the LH needle together and slip off needle. K 3rd and 4th sts together in the same way, slip last st off needle without knitting it, (2 sts decrease). This seems a little confusing to me, all help will be much appreciated!!

Great looking hat.
The stitch pattern is a little like the situation in the video. You’ll knit 5tog leaving the 5sts on the left hand needle. Then where the video goes back and knits again into stitch 1, you’ll knit stitches 1 and 2 together and slip off the left needle. Then knit sts 3 and 4 tog and slip off the left needle. Finally left stitch 5 slip off the left needle.
The video doesn’t show you how to work the twist 5 but it shows you the idea of knitting sts together then going back into a stitch on the left hand needle.

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Oh wow, ok I got it now! Thank u! I’m more of a visual learner so this helps tremendously! Happy knitting!!

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Ok so I tried this on this particular k5tog and it’s super hard to knit 5 stitches together!! I’m not sure how to do this! :grimacing:

I’ve never actually tried myself, but maybe you could use a fine-ish crochet hook to help pull the yarn through? I agree it’s difficult. I struggle with K3tog when I have to do those.

I agree that this is not an easy thing to do even if you are a relatively loose knitter. Shintoga’s suggestion of a crochet hook is a good one to try.

(There’s a neat trick for knitting a large number of sts together but it won’t help in this case since you need the 5sts to remain on the needle for the next steps. )


I wonder if there would be a way to use this easy method but rather than taking the knit stitches over and off the needle, take them over, off and onto a stitch holder or third/spare needle. They could be held there as a 5 whilst the new stitch is transfered from left to right needle. Then the 5 can be slipped off the holder and back onto the left needle to continue with the rest of the instruction for this stitch (k 1and 2 tog, k 3and 4 tog etc).
Perhaps worth a try with waste yarn?