Need help...not sure what it's called?

I’m making a scarf and am almost finished knitting the first ball of yarn and don’t know how to add the next ball of yarn? Can anybody help me please?! I would be very grateful! Thanks!

There are several ways to do this.

If my yarn isn’t too bulky, I just knit a few stitches with both the old yarn and the new yarn together and then weave in the ends.

I also really like the Russian Join because it prevents loose ends to weave in. It’s also good if you are switching colors. There is good information on how to do this and other methods of joining yarn in the videos here:

Joining (Scroll down).

Thanks so much for the quick response! I may actually be able to finish my first scarf :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: There are a lot of great videos–that’s how I found this site; I was googling how to wrap short rows. Good luck with your project!

From: Doris Martin To: Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2008 9:23 AM Subject: knitting my grandaughter got a set of different sizes (round knitting manual machines) and there are no instructions with it. I seem to remember wrapping the yarn over the pegs and lifting one over the other to form the circular form for a stocking cap, but can not recall which way to start wrapping the first couple of layers. Can you please refresh my memory. Thanks Grandma

Just remember to add the yarn at the end of a row, so that the extra bulky party doesn’t show and is at an end. I tie it on, with the knot really close to the stitch and then knit together the next few sts the cut yarn and new so there isn’t much to weave in. I weave them in anyway though just to ensure and extra strong join that won’t unravel in the wash.

This looks like the spools that we used to play as kids only it has 10-15 pegs around the top with a tool(hook on end) to lift the yarn over the pegs. I can’t recall how to start first couple of rounds. I’m sure that the yarn was wrapped somehow, but am drawing a blank!!! thanks

We used to nail 4 small nails into a wooden cotton reel. If I remember correctly we poked the tail of the wool down the hole in the centre, held it with a couple of fingers and wound the wool twice around the nails and lifted the bottom yarn over the upper one all the way around and then just continued doing that. When a few rounds had been done we pulled the tail down and that seemed to close off the ‘cast on’ edge. Does that make sense??

Check out They make a round loom called the Knifty Knitter and they provide instructions on how to use them.