Need help nderstanding the pattern

I’m not sure what the following pattern means: Cast on 44 (got it). P1 row on WS (got it). Work in drop st (this is the pattern which I can follow–it’s for 20 rows, repeated), inc 1 st each side working inc sts into pat every 12th row 1 time, every 14th row 12 times---- 70 sts. Work even until piece measures 18"/45.5 cm from beg.

This is the sleeve of a sweater. I know I need to end up with 70 stitches before I start the shape the cap. What I’m not following is if I increase on both side on row 12 (putting me w/46 sts) do I then increase on row 14 as well (for a total of 48)? Does that row 14 become ‘row zero’ again and then knit the pattern until I get to the 14th row again? The pattern is in 20 rows which I can understand the row 14 there but if I repeat a 20 row pattern at least 13 times, my sleeves will be veeeeeery long, it seems. I’d hate to have to pull out that many rows!

It’s not saying on row 12 and then on row 14. It is saying every 12th row, once, and then following that, every 14th row. So if your first increase is on row 12, then 14 rows following that would be on row 26, then row 40, etc. until you reach 70 stitches. Is there a link to the pattern???

That’s the way I understood it too but it just seems like it will be so long. Unless I just picked the wrong size and my sleeves will be too long. Great. I’ll look for a link to the pattern. I got it from a magazine awhile ago. Thanks for the reply.

Don’t worry about finding the pattern - I just thought that if it was an online freebie pattern that I’d take a look, but no worries! It is amazing how many rows go into making a sleeve. Just curious what the row gauge of your pattern is?

20 sts and 26 rows = 4"/10cm over drop st (blocked—what does that mean?) using size 6 needles.

Okay, now something doesn’t seem right. If you are doing your increases on the 12th row and then every 14th row after that for 13 increases total, that would be about 180 rows to accomplish all that. With a row gauge of 26 row = 4", with 180 rows that would be a length of about 28 inches :noway: . Unless I’m seeing it totally wrong, that just can’t possibly be correct considering it mentions working to 18" AFTER all those increases.

Is how you typed it out above, exactly how it’s written in the pattern??

Sleeve: Cast on 44 sts. P 1 row on WS. Work in drop st, inc 1 st each side (working inc sts into pat) every 12th(10th,12th,12th) row 3(11,1,1) times, every 14th (0,14th,14th) row 5(0,12,15) times ----60(66,70,76) sts. Work even until piece measures 18"/45.5 cm from beg.

That’s the sleeve part exactly. I’m working on the large size (which I’m sure will be too large but it’s a summery sweater and it’s a cotton yarn which I’m sure will shrink some). The way I’m working the math, I’m ending up with about 144 rows (increasing on both sides everytime I increase). It just seems long but this is my first sweater.

If you’re doing your increases every 12th row once, and every 14th row twelve times, it would work out like this:

Row 12 = 46sts
Row 26 = 48sts
Row 40 = 50sts
Row 54 = 52sts
Row 68 = 54sts
Row 82 = 56sts
Row 96 = 58sts
Row 110 = 60sts
Row 124 = 62sts
Row 138 = 64sts
Row 152 = 66sts
Row 166 = 68sts
Row 180 = 70sts

The thing about cotton yarn, while you think it would shrink oftentimes it actually gets stretched out with use because cotton is rather heavy.

I don’t mean to discourage you, but something just doesn’t seem right about this pattern.

Thanks for all the help. I guess I’ll just have to give it a try and find out what happens.