Need Help Measuring My Head


I am about to buy some yarn and pattern for a hat, but it has several sizes. I need to measure the circumference of my head but I’m not sure where I wrap the measuring tape on my head. Do I wrap it around the top or from my forehead to the base of my head? Thanks for any help you can give!!!

Terrie :knitting:

Wrap it around where you’d wear a hat maybe, but not over the ears. Or straight around the forehead and the back. I did me both ways and there’s very little difference, maybe ¼" or less.

What I do is take a hat, sweater, etc. that fits me well and measure it across front and back. Add the two measurements. That’s your circumference.

If what you’re measuring is bulky yarn, that doesn’t always work, sometimes you have to allow for the extra thickness.

Can you link to the pattern? If there is ribbing or a pattern that will allow for stretch there may be some give in the measurement.

If in doubt I (MY PERSONAL APPROACH) would be to make it a little large and if necessary sew in some elastic thread or the stretchy cord found in the jewelry sections of craft stores.

Hats stretch an awful lot though, that’s why it’s a good idea to make them an inch or two less than your actual measurement.

Yes, I forgot to mention that. Thanks for the reminder. If you don’t, your hat will constantly rotate on your head. You’ll spend most of your time pulling it down because it rides up. It’s very uncomfortable to wear. Technically, you’re supposed to use your head size. But practically, it’s better to go down an inch or so. The hat fits better.