Need help making sleeves

Hello, I need help with making sleeves for a baby sweater. It says I’m starting with 37 stitches. Then the pattern says inc 1 st at each end of 3rd and every following 6th row til get to 51 stitches. How am I doing this? Then you don’t inc work til the sleeve measures 14cm, does this not seem right if I am increasing every 7th row? Please help??

Hello, Murray125.

When the pattern tells you increase ‘every following 6th row’ they want you to increase on the 6th row following on from the last increase row that you worked.

So you ‘pattern repeat’ for the increase will be as follows:

12[B]3[/B]12345[B]6[/B]12345[B]6[/B]12345[B]6[/B]etc untill you have 51 stitches. The numbers in bold are your increase rows. Don’t forget you’ll be increasing at [B]each[/B] end of the row, so you’ll be increasing by 2 stitches on each increase row.

I hope that helps.

Thank you for your help, that is what I thought but was not sure

Thanks ! I had the same question except it was every 7th row … !!!