Need help making a hudson hat

I have many many questions.

  1. Since I’m making a hudson hat the author says to start off by making 2 ties on DPNs. How can I make 2 at the same time? Then I’m supposed to make the ear flaps on each but still don’t understand how to do at same time. Do I need to do on the same needle or 2 different needles? Do I need 2 skeins or work off the same skein and if so how in the world can I do this?

  2. So I only made one cuz I just wanted to move on and learn how to do it and I made one of the ties & ear flaps but now I’m stuck on moving on from the ear flap to the brim. How do I switch over from the dpn’s to the circ needle? (using 16" #7 circ needle btw)
    It says “knit across ear flap then cast on”. How do I “cast on” to the circ needle?
    I know these are a lot of questions so I hope someone can help! TIA!

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  1. If you wanted to do two at one time you’d have to use two skeins or use both ends on the one skein. I think knitting one at a time would be better easier and less frustrating at least till you know how to do it.

  2. Leaving the earflap on the dpn take the circular needle and just knit across the flap and that will put the flap on the circ. There are several ways to cast on at this point. You can do backward loop, knitted cast on, or cable cast on. I recommend using the knitted cast on. Backward loop isn’t good for long stretches and cable cast on can get tight if you’re not careful. Instructions are in the video section under cast ons.

Thank you sooo much! This was very helpful!