Need help >>>'s starting to drive me crazy :)

Ok I don’t even know how many times I’ve knit and ripped this out :::sigh:::. Please help me understand this;

Chart C
Over multiple of 4sts plus 3

Row 1 and 3 (RS) purl
Row 2 *P3tog, inc 2; rep from * end p3tog
[B]What type of increase should I do? It doesn’t say. I’ve been increasing 2 in the same stitch. But should it be a purl or knit increase? It does not say.[/B]
Row 4 *Inc 2, p3tog;rep from * end inc 2 in last st.
Rep rows 1-4 for Chart C

By the way, this is still for the Susan Rainey winning mini sweater block from"The Great American Aran Afghan"

I don’t know why I am having so much trouble with it. On Row 4 I have often had an extra stitch and I really don’t know if I should be dong a purl or knit increase. ::::sigh:::: it is very frustrating.

I don’t have the book so I’m not much help. I’m wondering though…if you are doing p3tog then increasing 2 you are losing a stitch each time. Is there an all increase row? I could be wrong since I don’t know this pattern, but it sounds odd somehow. :??

No there’s no stitches lost. P3tog decs 2 sts (3 into 1) and the 2 incs balance them.

I’d increase 2 into the one stitch by working a k,yo,k into the stitch. This will give you 3 to balance off the p3tog. I made this little sweater and Jan just posted about Raspberry stitch, which is the same thing.

Ohhhhh duh! :doh:

{{{Ingrid }}}You always seem to come to my rescue. LOL…I thought it looked like a raspberry stitch.

But here is a question; wouldn’t a k, yo, k into stitch be increasing it by 3?

Also I think my confusion has been that I was taught that if you are increasing on a purl row, and there are no clear instructions, increase purlwise (same goes for a knit row, you would do a knit increase)

I’ve got it!!!

Yipee! Thank you. I was only doing two stitches where I should have been doing three.

LOL…I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve ripped this out :slight_smile:

I’m also going to look up more info about raspberry stitches

Ingrid, if you don’t mind I have another question. Isn’t the raspberry stitch increase k,p,k in the same stitch? What increase did you use when you knit this little sweater? Was it the k,yo,k you suggested earlier? Oh, in another part of the design, where I had to increase by 1 I did it in the bar between 2 stitches.

Thanks again for your help.

Either one works, and you can do whichever you like. I don’t remember specifically what I did for the little sweater, but I’ve been doing the k,yo,k for a ‘real’ sweater and it looks fine. The point is to put the 3 stitches into the one so that you can purl them together back into one for the ‘raspberry’.

For the regular increases, the M1 that you did is probably the best.

Thanks again Ingrid. I truly appreciate your help. : )