Need Help Knitting with a Curved Thumb!

I have long fingers with a curved thumb a.k.a hitch hiker’s thumb. I am having problems finding which hand is most comfortable as well as how to hold my fingers without cramping them and the yarn in place with the same hand.

It’s getting rather frustrating not being able to control the yarn like when I do a cast-on stitch I have to completely resituate the yarn because the tail end of the yarn gets too loose.

If anyone knows any tips, websites, etc then it would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm, it’s a bit difficult to give you advice without seeing you knit. But you might want to go down to your local knitting shop and get their help. They can watch how you’re holding the needles and the yarn and give you some tips that will be specific to you.

Learning to knit without cramping up your hands or shoulders or neck is a real trick for every beginning knitter. So don’t think it’s just you!