Need help knitting gauntlets (long handless gloves)

Hi all, I’m new here and it’s my first post! I’ve been knitting off and on throughout the years and try more challenging things every so often. I started knitting these: last spring, got stuck and quit. Now that it’s getting cold again, I’d like to finish them!

The place where I got stuck is towards the end, where it says “Shape Thumb Opening: Next Row (RS): K20, drop marker, bind off 12 sts, drop
marker, k20.” I don’t understand how to bind off stitches and still have the yarn left to k20.

Could someone please help?

Thanks in advance!


Go up to the top of this page, to the tabs. Run your mouse over “view videos” and to the right, there will be “casting off”. Click on that and then watch that video. You should be all set.

Just remember that when you’re done casting off, you will have a stitch left on your right needle. That throws off some people’s counts. You’ll see what I mean when you do it.

When you finish casting off, your yarn will be at the tip of your right needle, right where you need it to continue on.

Thanks, Sandy! Last night I finally got my project out to continue it (took me a month! Teensy baby steps I guess!) and I discovered where I got stuck – it wasn’t on the casting off, but rather on the next part. If you look in the pattern, almost at the end where it says “following row”. What’s confusing to me is I’ve just K20, bound off 12 and K20 more. So when I do the following row, I have to P20, co2 and then P20. But there will be a strange gap in between, right? Or a lot of extra yarn in there? What do I do with that? I’m confused. :frowning:

You are creating your thumb opening here. On the knit row, you bound off stitches to create the opening. On the purl row you are finishing off the thumb opening by casting on a couple of stitches to the top. Just work the pattern as the instructions calls for and you will be fine.

Yep, casting on 2 sts makes more of a shaped thumb opening than if you CO the 20 you bound off, which would make a big slit. Also your hand above the thumb V is smaller than below it, so this is a great way to dec sts. I like that, it’s makes it look and fit better.