Need help knitting "flat" hat

Hey everyone.

I don’t have circular or double pointed needles so I am trying to knit a hat for my niece for her 3rd birthday using two straight needles. I am supposed to knit straight for a few inches, then start decreasing, then at the end, the yarn will be threaded through the loops of the last stitches and pulled tight to close up the top.

When it comes time to start decreasing, this is what the directions say:

the underlined parts are basically what I don’t understand.

Now, granted, I am using a different number of stitches, so it fits my niece, but I don’t understand what this is basically saying. and K1(3)? What does that mean? I know what the abbreviations mean, I just don’t get what they are indicating here. Some help would really be appreciated.

Those numbers tell you how many to knit depending on which size you’re making. So row 1 for the smaller size is k1, then k7, k2tog until the end of the row. If for the larger size you k3, k7 k2tog, and you’ll have 2 sts to knit at the end of the row.

From what i see, it seems that the original pattern had 2 sizes. So, when it says K1(3), it means you k1 for the smaller size and K3 for the larger, the same with the end of the row K0 (don’t knit, because you won’t have sts left) for smaller size and K2 for the larger.