Need help joining pocket linings to body

I am confused as to how to join the pocket liner which is still attached to my ball of yarn to the body of my cardigan. I have attached the instructions and a picture of my work thus far. I would really appreciate some advice.

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You’re going to bind off sts on the RS row in the places marked for the pockets. Turn and purl across the WS row to the gap where the sts were bound off. Place the pocket lining (WS facing you) on the left hand needle and purl across the lining continuing onto the sts on the other side of the gap. repeat this for the second pocket.
Basically, you’re replacing the bound off sts with the pocket lining sts. Of course all of this is worked in your pattern stitch.
What is the name of your pattern?

Thank you! It worked out beautifully! I just couldn’t see how it would come together but it did. I’m making the Kapsel cardigan.

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Well done!

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Very well done!