Need help Join Raglan Seams and collar

I have just finished knitting all the pieces for my Winter Spice Cardigan found in Simply Knitting Issue 48 December 2008. I do not understand how to join raglan seams due to the following directions for the collar, it includes picking up sts on the sleeve??? I should mention that the sleeves are not exactly the same the left sleeve and right sleeve have specific shaping. here is what the directions say:
Join Raglan seams
With RS facing miss the last 5 rows of buttonhole band, pick up and K4 sts from rem row ends, 18sts from neck edge, [COLOR=red]46sts from right sleeve, [/COLOR][COLOR=black]40sts from back neck, [/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]46sts from left sleeve, [/COLOR][COLOR=black]18sts from left front neck edge, and 4sts from first 4 rows of buttonhole band.[/COLOR]
I am at a loss because for one the sleeves DO NOT fit in the armholes, how am I supposed to pick up 46sts on the sleeves for the collar?
Any help would be appreciated!

An easy way to join seams for raglans is to seam the back to each sleeve at the long line of the raglan decreases. Then seam the fronts to the sleeves again along the line of decreases. When you do this, the sleeve top becomes part of the circle around the neck. Then it becomes easier to see where you will pick up sts along the sleeve top for the collar. See if looking at some of the pictures of projects on Ravelry helps.
The raglan seam isn’t like the usual set-in or drop sleeve in that these sleeves usually don’t form part of the collar.
Very pretty cardigan!