Need help interpretting pattern

[color=indigo][/color] :??
am a fairly new knitter and trying to knit the "Ralph: Teddy Bear from Sandra Polley’s The Knitted TEddy Bear

first it says work in ST st throughout unless otherwise stated.
CO 9 st
first question…that’s knit one row, purl one row?
second question : How do you increase while purling…particularly at beginning of a row. I knit continental style.

Third question …here’s where I’m really confused. The instructions say
Starting with a K row, Inc 1st at each end of every row until 19sts
Row 7 (Inc 1 K2) to last st, Inc 1 (26sts) [color=red]HOW DOES THIS MATH WORK?[/color]

Thanks so much!

  1. Yep, that is knit one row, purl another :slight_smile:
  2. HERE is a link to the videos. M1L, M1R, and the Bar increase all have video with purl (at the bottom of the description)
  3. I’ll have to get back to you on that. It is much to early for me and math.

Hope that helped some! Welcome to the fourms

If you’re starting with 9 st on the needle, you’ll increase at each end of each knit row, 5 times. That will get you to 19 st on your needle. The purl rows you knit straight across.

From what is here you don’t have to increase in a p row. But in the event that you do, you can p two into one st. For the second one you go around the left needle and come at the st from left to right in the back loop.

First, the videos are fabulous and are really helping. As I said in an earlier post I’m a fairly new knitter and knit continental style. I actually learned how to knit as a young girl and somehow I was knitting in a manner that I was twisting all my stitches. By watching the bideos I saw what I was doing wrong and have self- corrected.
For whatever reason I couldn’t hear the sound on the explanation for adding a stitch while purling. Fortuneatley, thanks to forum members who interpretted the pattern, I don’t have to master that skill today!

Thank you again,


There are some videos that dont have sound…but I think Amy is busy busy workin on that! :thumbsup: