Need help interpreting this

I’m working on a Yoga Wrap and a line in the pattern states the following:
*K7, M1 *, repeat * to * across row ending with K1—49 sts

Cast on was 33 sts, and if I’m reading the above correctly it says to K7 ,M1 repeating the length of the row…that only adds 6 sts, no where near the 49 that I am interpreting that to mean. I’m new to knitting, so be gentle if this is an easy fix. :slight_smile:

You should be doing the inc between sts, the m1, not kfb which uses one of the sts for each increase. Look for a couple options on the Increases page.

So should I K7, M1, K1, M1 etc across ? I interpreted it to mean repeat K7,M1

Well, lets do the math - you’re starting with 33 and need 49, that’s 16 sts. So k7 m1, k7 m1 and so on would only add about 5 or 6 sts, so yes, maybe it does mean k7, m1, k1, m1, k1, m1 and end with k7, and the increase in this case ought to be kfb. Can you link to the pattern? Maybe seeing things in context would help.

I wonder if it should be:
*[I]K2[/I], M1 *, repeat * to * across row ending with K1—49 sts?
That would give you a 16st increase from 33 to 49sts.

It looks like the Chocolate Lily Yoga Wrap. Google the pattern name for PDF.