Need help in relearning to knit

have knitted for 45 years, however in april of 2012 i went into a coma and developed septicmia. do to med. i was given, i have lost both legs below the knee, my left arm below the elbow and all my fingers and most of my thumb on my right hand. i can hold a pencil and a spoon between my thumb and knob of my hand. my question is, is there any way i can manage to knit. i knitted every day before and miss it so badly. i came out of my coma in june and had all my amputations in late june. i am now in a rehab center and looking forward to moving to my son’s house soon. any help would be welcomed. louella


Hi Louella. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad you’re still around.

I’m sure there’s a way to continue knitting, a lot of people knit on straight needles with the end tucked into an armpit or propped against a leg, or in the groin area. Google for ‘pit knitting’ or ‘lever style’ knitting. There are knitting looms you can use to knit hats in the round or scarves too.

Hi Louella and welcome, You have made and are still making amazing progress. I admire you and hope that we can come up with some good suggestions for your knitting.
I’ve heard of people using one or two extra long knitting needles. One needle can be braced between your upper arm and body. I don’t know of a source but you can probably have them made fairly easily from wooden dowels. There are also single needle holders that are used to brace one needle while you operate the working needle. I couldn’t find one of these online but I’ll try to be more creative in another search and report back.
Thoughts and prayers for your continued recovery.

I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad time. Yes! You can knit again! Here’s an invention a man made for his grandmother who had crippling arthritis. You can use this one-handed.