Need help in Making Hood for Sweater

Hi All!!
I am 80% finished with my 1st sweater but i’m stuck in how to do the hood. My confusion comes in the beginning where it states to leave the 8 center sts free… well here goes the whole pattern. Its the Lion Brank Hooded Knitted Sweater.
With RS facing and larger needles pick up and k34 sts around neck starting at right side of neck and [B][U]leaving center 8 sts. free.[/U][/B]
Work in St st for 9", inc 10 sts evenly spaced across first row -44 sts around neck. Placing half of Hood sts on 2nd needle work 3 needle bind off across Hood top seam.

Facing edging with RS facing and smaller needles, pick up approximately 57 sts around front edge of Hood. Work in K1P1 rib for 4 rows. Work in St st for 4 rows.

BO loosely on last row with larger needle. [B][U]Sew rib/roll Front at center neck, overlapping center fronts right over left for females. (the opposite for males)[/U][/B]

The bold areas are my confusion. How do I sew the front rib to the back and what about those free 8 sts…???

Please anyone give me some of your wisdom.

Thanks for your help!!

Hi, I went and read through the pattern at the Lion Brand site. When it says, “leaving the center 8 sts. free”, it is talking about the 8 stitches that you bound off at the center when you began the neck shaping in the front. They want you to pick up 34 stitches around the neck, but don’t pick up any of those 8 stitches right in the front; that allows a place for the kids face to stick out the hole. :slight_smile: Begin picking up just to the left of those 8 stitches in the front (that will be the right front of the sweater as it is worn by the child), and work around the neck and back to the other end of the 8 stitches that were bound off for the neck shaping.

They had you make a rolled edge and then ribbing at the bottom of the sweater and at the bottom of each sleeve. You also do the same thing around the edge of the hood. It is that edging they are talking about tacking down at the center front of the sweater.

Sew rib/roll Front at center neck, overlapping center fronts right over left for females. (the opposite for males)
The picture of the sweater doesn’t show enough detail for you to see where this was done. It may not seem necessary but if when you try it on the edging sticks out or something you may understand better what you would want to do with it to deal with it. I can’t tell in the picture that the edging on the hood is overlapped in the center front and sewn down. It sounds to me like it is saying to tack the edging down right in the middle of the “U” neck shaping (where you didn’t pick up any stitches there right in the front), overlapping one way for a girl and the other for a boy. Hopefully when you get to this part you’ll see what needs to be done to make it all lie correctly. Or like I said, maybe it won’t seem to need this.

Let us know how it turns out.

Thank you soooo much for clarifying. You have no idea how crazed I got. Now it makes sense after you detailed it for me. This is my first attempt at a real sweater and I guess the termonology is still a little hard for me. But thank God for great people!!

Once again thank you and i’ll submit pics when I’m done!~

You’re welcome. I’ll look for pictures soon.

Hi I just wanted to show you my finished project. If it doesn’t show here I’m going to include the link to my ravelry site so you can see it there.
I used a different border and i think it looks alot better actually.
Thanks again!!
Tell me what you think~~

Hey, that did turn out really nice! Cute model, too!!

Nice work for a first time! Cute model too.