Need help in lace edging corners

I’ve started working on one side of the lace edging of a shawl and just about at the bottom corner. I have trouble understanding the instruction of the pattern concerning rounding the corner and wonder if someone could explain in simple English what I need to do.

The pattern reads:

‘Work Rows 1 - 4 until 4 loops before bottom corner, then work picked up stitch for Rows 2 and 4 in same stitch 8 times. Continue until 1 loop left to be worked, work Rows 1 and 2 in k only. Bind off in p.’

  • what does ‘work picked up stitch’ mean?

  • how and where do I work picked up stitch 8 times?

  • Rows 1 and 2 have various stitches, am I supposed to knit every single one?

  • when it says bind off in p, does that mean binding off at the bottom corner and I will need to work the other side the same way? From the picture, the bottom corner seems to run together, without seams, so I am totally confused. Please help.

It sounds like you’re attaching the edging at the same time that you’re knitting it. Often this is done by picking up a stitch from the shawl and knitting it together with the last edge stitch. In order to round the corner, you need to keep working into the same stitch form the shawl so that the extra lace edging rows give you enough fabric to stretch around the bottom corner. Then continue up the other side (two sides finished).
The next directions are for the final part of the edging. Work rows 1 and 2 as usual until you get to the final loop at the end of the shawl. Here is where you work rows 1 and 2 in knit only (every stitch) and then bind off in purl.

Thank you so much for your clarification. It makes a lot of sense now after reading your post.